Killie not killed yet

Kilmarnock are in dire straights, but I think Utd are probably the second worst team in the league. Could be 0-0, but a must win game for Killie, will take 6/4. Nothing else of interest in Premiership. 0-0 is also worth a bet at 10/1 as these two are woeful in attack.

Queen of the South are the bet of the day at a generous 13/5 at home to Dunfermline. Ayr are also quite attractive at 17/10 due to Arbroaths recent run of form.

That makes a Tasty Treble, but we can tentatively add massive under-performers Dundee for a 4 fold. With their squad they shoud be blowing a poor Morton side away, but mis-management is holding them back.

Tasty Treble

1 point – Kimarnock @ 6/4
1 point – Queen of the South @ 13/5
1 point – Ayr Utd @ 17/10

Make it a Fab 4:

1 point – Dundee @ evens


Arbroath are going through a great spell, however this opens up some value on Raith who are a better side. They also enjoy playing away from home and do well on the counter, albeit noone enjoys playing at the hellhole of Galefield. Weather forecast looks not too bad so far.
I think there a little bit of value on St Mirren at 11/5. Could go either way, but Saints have won both league matches this season so I don’t see much justification for Livi being favourites.
Motherwell have had a dreadful demise this season which sees them as high as 7/2 at home to a strong St Johnstone side. Fair enough, but they are roughly same points per game as St Johnstone so it’s worth a punt at those prices at home.
Lastly, surely Aberdeen are capable of scoring a goal this weekend? Kilmarnock deserve more respect now with Wright at the helm and they had a decent performance at Ibrox last week. However he is not a magician and they will need to try and do a lot more in the final third if they are to get away from relegation zone with games running out. Could be 0-0 again, but Aberdeen should be able to edge it at home.

That gives a very healthy 4-fold – roughly 60/1.

1 point – Raith @ 9/5
1 point – St Mirren @ 11/5
1 point – Motherwell @ 7/2
1 point – Aberdeen @ 5/6

P.S. Hamilton are 8/1…nah, surely not again?

Happy as a pig in sh1t

We poke our snout down into the mud of the Championship and take Alloa to come out on top in the shit-shoot out against Arbroath. At almost 5/2 at home, this is our bet of the day. Arbroath have been on a good run of late, but a lot of that has been on their hellish home patch under severe weather, this is on Alloas plastic.

I’m reluctantly going for the sheep at Pittodrie. St Mirren have injuries to some key players and think Aberdeen will be strong enough to get the win. You’d expect them to be odds on, so 11/10 makes it worthwhile.

I don’t expect Rangers to make any slip up sagainst Kilmarnock, they will be deseprate to stay on track. Win to nil is the bet, a good payer this season.

That would be your Tasty Treble!

Add Dundee Utd at home against Livi to complete a 4 fold, they might just come good. They are shit, but it’s at home against a team of cluggers FFS. Being almost 7/2 is a bit of an embarassment.

In summary

2 points – Alloa @ 12/5
1 point – Rangers Win to nil @ 3/4
1 point – Aberdeen @ 11/10
0.5 points – Dundee Utd @ 17/5

That’ll do Livi Pigs, that’ll do

Livingston have not lost for more games than I care to count – but that’s quite enough. The rest of Scottish football should be thoroughly embarassed that this bunch of thugs are running amok, and hopefully Aberdeen can spare all our blushes by bringing this to an end.
Aberdeen have been a bit hot and cold, but are deservedly third, whereas Livi are flattered by their recent run. Dons would normally ba favourites, so we will take advantage.

Elsewhere in the Premiership, Hibs were a decent evens away to the hapless Dundee Utd, though they are coming in. Utd are a poor team who finally got exposed in midweek against St Mirren and Hibs should be strong favourites here.

To complete the Tasty Treble, I’m looking for Raith to come up with the goods again. Dundee can be a good side, but with their squad should they really be far better. There is something not quite right with them – probably Mr McPake. And Raith can be a really good side too. It should be a tight game, I took 2/1 earlier in week only to find you can get even better value now at 5/2 – well worth it.

That’s your Tasty Treble. Enjoy. Less fancied are Kilmarnock in Premiership, and Arbroath and Alloa away, both underdogs but worth a small wager.

2 points – Aberdeen @ 21/10
1 point – Hibernian @ evens
1 point – Raith @ 2/1

0.5 points – Arbroath @ 2/1
0.5 points – Alloa @ 17/5
0.5 points – Kilmarnock @ 19/5

3 Little Pickies

A couple of generously priced Premiership matches tonight. Saints are the better side but Dundee Utd contunally upset the odds, and when was the last time Saints won at Tannadice. 12/5 is generous.

Kilmarnock even more so. Livi aren’t world beaters, may face a comedown from their Semi final win, and Kille will be just as well practised on their plastic pitch.

Inverness in the Championship are the most likely of the three. Strongly fancied at Cappielow at 13/10.

Would be a very Tasty Treble indeed!

1 point – Kilmarnock @ 7/2
1 point – Dundee Utd @ 12/5
1 point – Inverness @ 13/10

Saints Up for The Cup!

Not much doing today in the leagues. In the Premiership, Aberdeen and Motherwell seems faiurly priced and Rangers not worth any bets.

However the cup brings more interest. 4 teams who can all beat each other, St Johnstone are tempting at 9/4, but St Mirren is our value bet of the weekend. Livi might deserve to be marginal favourites, but I’d rate this a 50/50 game, especially given the fact it’s a Hampden cup game and Saints have beaten Livingston twice already. So 3/1 is more than welcome.

In the Championship, we can scrape a couple of small speculative bets. Ayr are 4/1 away to Dunfermline but for an even bigger return, I will chance a shock Raith away to Hearts. Raith are a good side, and capable of scoring goals if they catch Hearts on an off day. Unlikely but at 10/1, we don’t need to stake much to make it worthwhile.

1 point – St Mirren @ 3/1
0.5 points – Ayr Utd @ 4/1
0.5 points – Raith @ 10/1


I’m going to follow the pattern of this unpredictable season and go for 3 well priced underdogs today. We only need one out of 3 to be in profit, any more and it’s happy days. Only Queen of the South are favourites, but they are still well priced at 7/5. Both St Mirren and Kilmarnock are capable of getting results, and Dundee, though looking good of late, are still very unpredictable and managed by the hapless McPake. Ayr are also hot and cold so it makes a price of 17/4 worthwhile.

0.5 points – St Mirren @ 3/1
0.5 points – Kilmarnock @ 18/5
1 point – Queen of the South @ 7/5
0.5 points – Ayr Urd @ 17/4

Slim Piggings

Scottish Cup day! Cup games are difficult to call – only one selection catches my eye. Alloa at home to Cove Rangers at 17/10. Alloa are a consistent side and a division above a Cove Rangers team who I think are slightly over-rated. Alloa also have a decent cup record.

I’ll reluctantly add Motherwell away. St Mirren are rightly favourites, however Motherwell have strayed into value at 5/2 and have the new manager effect.

To complete a Tasty Treble we need to be a bit more creative today. I’m backing a boar-fest at Rugby Park. Less than 3 goals is even money and the best bet.

Elsewhere, two small bets on outsiders. Dundee Utd and Ross County. They are both shit, but this season is all over the place – no crowds has been a huge leveller, and outside the Old Firm anything can happen. Their prices are verty high so the view here is that they are shit – but not that shit.

In summary:

1 point – Motherwell @ 5/2
1 point – Alloa @
1 point – KilmarnockUnder3 @ evens
0.5 points – Dundee Utd @ 7/2
0.5 points – Ross County @ 6/1

New Year Feast

The unpredictable nature of this fanless season has made betting all the more difficult, we’ll be avoiding more of the short priced favourites and focusing more on the less fancied sides.

First up the Premiership. Hibs have gone slightly off the Boyle, and were probably a bit overrated, but they have surely crept into value against a Livingston side who are probably encroaching on over rated territory again. It’s Livingston for fuck sake, managed by the local crook. Hibs are a big price at 5/3 and worth taking.

Also in Premiership, managerless Motherwell have lost their way however they were unlucky earlier in season and have not suddenly become garbage. The removal of Robinson may give them a bounce. Even if it doesn’t Hamilton are a poor side despite recent upturn in results and Motherwell can propbably still be garbage and win here. But any upturn in performance here should see them win with some comfort as our only odds on bet of the day.

We head to the other end of teh leagues to complete the Tasty Treble. Stirling are neginning to pick up speed, and despite the unpreictability of Stenhousemuir, they are good value at 13/10.

That’s a nice Tasty Treble but there’s a feast of other value to consider for a good start to the year. Alloa were my first pick of the week. They can be had at 19/10 at home, have given most teams a tough game this season, and Morton are not highly rated. Elsewhere in the Championship, Hearts are liekly to win, but their price is a little too short.

I was ready to back St Mirren earlier in the week, however the prices between Kilmanock and Saints have reversed, and as such, so does the selection. Kilmarnock have now become worth a bet at 12/5. Likewise with Rangers. I do fancy them to win, but Celtics price of 27/10 gives us just about enough of a reward to take a small risk. Probably my dodgiest bet of the day.

Lastly – two longer odds worth a shout – Ross County at home, (7/2), and Peterhead away, (5/1).

A feast of value – enjoy! 🐖

Tasty Treble:

1 point – Hibernian @ 5/3
1 point – Motherwell @ 17/20
1 point – Stirling Albion @ 13/10

Add ons:
1 point – Alloa @ 19/10
1 point – Kilmarnock @ 12/5
1 point – Celtic @ 27/10

Long shots:
0.5 points – Ross County @ 7/2
0.5 point – Peterhead @ 5/1

Hogmanay Special

Finish the New Year in style – collection of midweek picks in the Scottish Leagues:

2 points – St Johnstone @ 8/15
1 points – Ayr Utd @ 11/10
1 points – Raith Rovers @ 4/6
1 points – Aberdeen @ 19/10
1 point – Celtic to win to nil @ 19/20
1 point – Rangers to win to nil @ 11/10