Euros Special – Day 1

After the announcement of another fine set of results at the Porkers Picks AGM, (26 points profit from 273 bets, 8% ROI), we are going to diversify on the Euros.

Breaking one of the most fundamental rules of proftable betting, we’re going to put at least one bet a day and see if we can end the torunament in profit.

Since it is day 1, we’ll also put bet on choice of winners. I’m avoiding France, best squad, but shortest price and have feeling they will fall short. It’s a bit of a lottery and I struggle o chose between Spain, Germany and Portugal, but at outset I’m going to put a bet on Portugal at 9/1 and Ronaldo top scorer at 15/1

Today’s bet(s)

0.5 points – 0-0 @ 11/1
0.5 points – Turkey @ 8/1


0.5 points – Portugal @ 9/1
0.5 points – Ronaldo @ 15/1