I’m Porker and I specialise in betting on Scotland’s leagues.

Who ever heard of a gambling pig?! Well, over the last 3 years I have privately tracked a consistent profit so as an experiment I’m taking this one step further and tracking all bets online, on my own web page, starting on season 2018/2019.

My picks will almost exclusively be on the match result market, although occasionally I may look at other value in handicap markets. At the moment I focus entirely on the Scottish game, although I may expand in future.

I’ll express my stake in points as is normal practice – usually one or two points depending on how strongly the tip is fancied. This will then evaluate to a published ROI.

I’ll be adding performance tracking to my site shortly so we can see that the pigs grunts are backed up with solid results!

Enjoy the information and tips – they are free for now to anyone who may find them useful, and I also welcome comments and insight into any of the blog topics that I initiate – or initiate your own.. the more knowledge shared the better.

Happy betting.