Diddy Cup Special!

Welcome to a special midweek edition of Porkers Picks covering the first round of the Challenge Cup, where we have the kids teams up against the men. Not even the big diddy teams have been entered into the draw yet so we really are down in the mud of Scottish Football where the pig likes it best.

This has been a happy hunting ground – though the market has caught up the last couple of years and there is not as much value to be had in betting all the senior teams. In fact last year some of the under 21 teams did quite well – Motherwell made the semi’s – however these occasions are exceptions.

I expect the men to largely triumph over the boys, so I am taking a blanket approach here and betting on all the senior teams against all the piglets. This may seem a tad lazy and ill-informed – but frankly we are ill-informed here. There is little information to be found on the teams, what line-ups they are likely to field, (will senior teams rest players, will under 21 teams play over age players?), however we’re betting on the broad theory here that senior men are going to be keen to avoid the embarrassment of being beaten by a bunch of inexperienced kids. I think we’ll do well enough across all 9 matches, and not one of these are odds on. I’m taking 2 points on SPFL teams and East Kilbride, (Saints will struggle to field any over age players), and 1 on the non-league teams. I think we’ll end the evening up, let’s see..

In detail:

2 points – Albion Rovers @ 9/5
2 points – Queens Park @ 31/10
2 points – Cove Rangers @ 13/10
2 points – Elgin City @ 6/4
2 points – East Kilbride @ 13/10
1 point – Brora Rangers @ 13/10
1 point – Fraserborough @ 6/4
1 point – Kelty Hearts @ 5/4
1 point – Formartine Utd @ 8/5
1 point – Berwick Rangers @ 51/10

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